How New York High School Tirana prepared me for AUBG

New York High School Tirana

There comes a moment when every teenager has to decide on his future, which at first glance may seem like an impossible challenge. But life gives us countless opportunities to fight for what we want and to meet the goals we set ourselves.

This was offered to me by New York High School. NYHS was the starting point for a new journey on my way to knowledge. It managed to shape me more as an individual, but above all to expand my knowledge by pushing me to work maximally to get the right results.

It taught me how to not be afraid of anything and also to point out my values ​​not only as a student but also as a shaped individual who is ready to face many obstacles and challenges throughout life. The wonderful academic staff, as well as the relationships created during that period, have been the driving force and the best support to climb the stairs to success.

So, I decided to apply abroad and I was admitted to the American University of Bulgaria (AUBG), rated as the number one private university in the country.

AUBG Campus

It started as something small, but over time, dreams became a reality and I now experience it thanks to the hard work of the NYHS academic staff and all the others who have helped me and who have been part of this journey.

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